Saturday, October 08, 2011

The little movie night that could

Tomorrow is Feefcake's 30th BIRTHDAY! He is nowhere near as excited as I am. Today I told him what his birthday surprise is, and y'all should tune in on Monday for the big announcement!

Aside from the BIG surprise, I also got him a 60 minute massage for this afternoon. Homeboy loves massages.

Tonight we're going out to eat at Outback (courtesy of my Mama), and tomorrow evening we'll be enjoying time with Mike's family at his mom's house for a nice Sunday dinner.

I love birthdays. If you don't remember, my last birthday was somewhat of a milestone. Mike proposed.

So if you read my post on Thursday, you know that I wanted to go to a movie with the Feef.

My dreams came to fruition on Thursday evening after I asked very sweetly if we could try again to see 50/50 in my pathetic, mousy, "sorry I'm such a hormonal lunatic" voice. Of course Mike could not resist my plea, and WE WENT, Y'ALL!

It was really really GOOD. I'm not going to say it was GREAT, just because my emotions weren't rocked to the core like I was expecting. And with so many other good movies out (Moneyball, Killer Elite, The Lion King 3D) that Mike and I wanted to see, I'm not 100% sure this was the best choice.

Although I loved the cast. Like I mentioned Thursday, there's a sweet-spot in my heart for both Seth and Joseph. Not to mention Anna Kendrick, who I LOVE because she's so sweet and awkward (and not because we share a name and someone once told me we look alike). It ALSO starred Anjelica Huston who I've adored ever since her evil - yet wonderful - portrayal Drew Barrymore's step-mother in Ever After.

It was good, and I did cry once or twice. So I'd say YES go see it, but DON'T trample your ailing grandmother running to the theater for this one.

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  1. Ooooh man tell him I am ooozing with jealousy. I've been begging to go get a massage forever, but for some reason bills take priority. Weird....


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