Saturday, October 01, 2011


I know all of you have said this to yourselves at least once -

"She's not even cute."

All female competition is, by default, never as cute as I am. Whether he dumped me for Heidi Klum or Kelly Osborne, after a breakup and during that requisite period of relationship mourning, the other girl was always inferior in the looks department.

When I add it up, I spent entirely way too much time mulling over album after album on Facebook, trying my darnedest to figure out why the hot guy in my college algebra class could possibly be dating such a dog. I normally lost guys to girls with size 2 hips, rock hard abs and and blonde hair, not average-at-best brunettes with slight overbites and man hands. Although, I can hardly deem it a "loss" if we were never dating in the first place.

But that's how I always spent my single days in class at college. Scheming on the cuties in Macro or Mass Media. The good looking ones never took the writing or editing workshops. The only eye-candy in the courses for my major was of the literal variety - Starbursts on the chubby boy's desk and organic lolli-pops falling out of the Vegan's hemp bag.

This post is pretty much pointless except to say that after spending two weekends with Megan, I find myself reminiscing - more often than not about life in Tallahasee - and thinking about how much I don't miss the dating game.

Yes, I know that picture of Jerrod Niemann is irrelevant but OH WELL.

By the way, WTF it's October??


  1. I know hard to believe that September is gone! Where did the month go?

  2. Haha I was the same way! In college there were never any cute guys in my English classes (not even one) so I dated the frat boys...and boy I don't miss that at ALL! I was reminiscing about college the other day...fall always reminds me of rush and the leaves changing on campus...always makes me a tad bit sad to be in the real world :)

  3. haha I love this post. Its so random, but SO true! BTW-Love the blog! Consider me your newest follower!

  4. Yeah, the English Dept. wasn't really a good place to pick up cute guys...we should have been business majors :)


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