Friday, October 07, 2011


You you like comic books? Does your significant other like comic books? What about MUSIC? What about comic books and music that GO TOGETHER?

One of the Feef's oldest friends (and Best Man) started a comic book company, Swampfox Media that integrates BOTH comic books and music. I was one of the first to donate to the Kickstarter project (because I'm such a good person), and FINALLY got my hands on a copy of one of their books.
My copy came with a nice letter from the team. After I opened it up and took pictures, I put it all back in the envelope for safe keeping so that when they become collectible, I can sell it for millions. YAY.

Anyway, you guys should all check them out. Here's a little bit more about them.

"Born of a collective of like minded artists, writers, and musicians, Swampfox is committed to providing readers and listeners with a brand new comicbook experience like never before. Our flagship titles are going to be paired with concept album soundtracks showcasing some of the greatest independent musicians in the south east. We want to provide our readers with something completely unique to bring art, music, and literature together, leaving a lasting impression well after the last page has been turned."


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