Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A vow renewal and BBQ

Friday night one of the Feef's fellow special-ops Sheriffy friends had a 5 year vow renewal cermony. We went. Afterwards, we got some BBQ at Bobby's on the way home.

If there is one thing that South Carolina does right, it's BBQ. If we were to ever move away from the South, that is one thing I'd miss. I love me some pulled pork and homemade macaroni on a nice styrofoam plate.
Not to mention HUSH PUPPIES and BANANA PUDDING. Holy smokes.
And it wouldn't be a dinner date without some awkward pictures of Mike.

This was the first time I've ever eaten at Bobby's. We usually grab BBQ at Duke's - right down the road from our house. BUT it was pretty awesome - maybe even a little bit better. I may or may not have been swayed by the GIANT chunk of un-melted cheddar that was in my macaroni. HEAVEN.

After we ate, I wanted to visit the gift shop. Aside from these adorable teddy bears, it was very lackluster and no where NEAR as magical as Cracker Barrel's. I can spend some money in Cracker Barrel's gift store.



  1. your cardigan is so cute, I want.

  2. love love love BBQ. if i pass a place in the middle of no where i have to stop. knowing that it MIGHT be amazing.

    can you send some hush puppies up my way?? and a stuffed bear por favor.

  3. That food looks seriously yummy :)

  4. I grew up in ky. that plate of food looks pretty familiar.

  5. Your awkward pictures of Mike always crack me up. I want that mac n cheese. like now. And I'm loving your outfit pretty lady.

  6. i kind of love how cute you and your man are!
    xo dana


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