Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vlogging my life away

Sorry about my melodrama on Monday. That was dumb. Now on to something completely different...A VLOG!

It's a hair un-tutorial. And it's excruciatingly long and awkward, so if you don't have 10 minutes to sit down and watch me talk to myself, here are some highlights:

- Buffalo meows really cute like in the first minute.
- Nearly a minute of fast-motion hair-drying set to an awful, faux Blink-182 default iMovie track.
- My ceiling fan mysteriously moves all on it's own during said fast-motion hair-drying.
- I burn my fingers more than once.
- I curse under my breath.
- I make fun of people who curl their hair with their straightener.
- I make very strange facial expressions.

So, there you go. All your curling wand questions answered!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Times Like These

I want to be a better blogger. I really do. It's just - as much as I hate to admit it, I'm the type of person that easily falls prey to negative thoughts and lustful daydreams. I love reading all of your blogs - in fact I probably spend far too much time wasting away the hours browsing posts and drooling over new blog designs.

But lately I've been feeling so disappointed with my own life - material things and all the rest - because I'm bad about comparing what I have to what others have. And even though I've heard it time and time again, I'm finding it really hard to be happy with what I have. Have any of you gone through a phase like this? Wanting a bigger house, to travel more, to take better pictures, to have a better body, and on and on and on. Am I just being a brat?

It was great to be back at home with my mom. It was comfortable. It was lazy. And I really was happy. But I read posts written by other bloggers who seem far happier than I am. And I want to know their secret. Or are they just pretending?

Anyway - here are some iPhone snaps from my past few days. As difficult as it is for me to grasp it somedays, I really do lead a very full and blessed life.

 There are finally a few presents under our tree!
 Hanging out on the couch at my mom's.
 Snuffly muffin.
 Carving the turkey.
Love my Belly girl.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Of the blogging variety.

And you know, I really dislike when the blogs I read post lame "sorry for sucking" posts after days or weeks of radio silence. And here I am, doing the same thing.

Work has been busy. Home has been busy. I haven't had a weekend at home since...October? I'm heading to Knoxville this weekend and then I'll have a few days in Aiken, only to make a quick trip back to VA for my mom's Christmas party.

And my stomach hurts from all the hefty Thanksgiving food I've been eating. UUUGHH.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Friday, y'all! I'm fat from indulging all day yesterday, so I find it appropriate that my post today is saturated with skinny women.

The Miss South Carolina USA pageant was this past weekend and we came home with two beautiful queens for 2012. =)
 The Miss contestants.
 Some Teens back stage!
 Keyla - our outgoing Teen titleholder.
 Erika Powell - the new Miss South Carolina USA. =)

If you want to creep on my entire album from the weekend, click HERE for prelim night and HERE for finals.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Day

When you're snuggled up in a cozy chair at your mom's house, it's difficult to find things to complain about. When you take into consideration the fact that it's Thanksgiving, it becomes impossible. I don't know whether the wafting scent of newly baked casseroles or the promise of wine in my future has more to do with my fat sense of contentment, but it doesn't matter.

The table is set. Glinting early winter light from the open blinds flows through the crystal candle holders and onto the floor creating a puddle of warmth that Bella has found and claimed as her own.

And we're not all together, which saddens my heart but fills me with anticipation for the next time that we will be. At the wedding.

I miss so many people, but am thankful that I at least have people to miss.

So I hope you all stay safe today. Stay happy. Stay thoughtful.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Mike broke his hand in the line of duty. And by hand I mean finger. And by finger I mean pinky. He had surgery. It's all better. Upside? He gets 12346213561651431 days off work and more time with ME!!!!!!!!!

I've been going non-stop since 2 weeks ago and am finally back home - in one piece and with most of my sanity in tact! We're leaving on Wednesday to drive up to my Mama's for the if I needed another excuse to skip my morning run. Humbug.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss North Carolina USA

I know I've been gone for a while. Work has been busy - it's pageant season. Want to know what I spent my weekend doing? Here's a clue -
Yep. The Miss North Carolina USA pageant. And the South Carolina one starts on Friday so I'll be gone for a few more days. Sorry, y'all! Duty calls.

Monday, November 14, 2011

23 Years Ago Today...

exactly 9 months after Valentine's day, my Little was born. And I think the Earth might have literally stopped spinning for a few minutes.

Then in 2008, 19.9 years later (and after her ginger hair finally grew in), she came into my life in a blaze of sketchy glory. Two years ago on her 21st birthday, we shared the world's longest floor embrace in a smoky haze at The Palace. It remains my fondest non-memory of my tenure in Tallahassee. (And I don't feel bad about posting this picture on the blog because after all this time it is STILL on Facebook).
And today, she turns 23.
So in honor of her birthday, I am dedicating this post to a photo tour of our relationship history, through the good, the bad, and the ugly! Love you, little!
 At Pompeii in 2009
 Ready for a birthday party in 2009
 Parent's weekend 2010
 A night out 2011
 Asheville 2010
 One of our first pictures, 2008
 Tallahassee 2011
 At a tailgate, 2010
 2008 Football season
 Halloween 2008 with the FSU fishing
 At 5th Avenue Tap Room 2010
 Phi Mutiny 2010...I SO wish we remembered what this was all about.
 My 21st birthday =)

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