Monday, November 14, 2011

23 Years Ago Today...

exactly 9 months after Valentine's day, my Little was born. And I think the Earth might have literally stopped spinning for a few minutes.

Then in 2008, 19.9 years later (and after her ginger hair finally grew in), she came into my life in a blaze of sketchy glory. Two years ago on her 21st birthday, we shared the world's longest floor embrace in a smoky haze at The Palace. It remains my fondest non-memory of my tenure in Tallahassee. (And I don't feel bad about posting this picture on the blog because after all this time it is STILL on Facebook).
And today, she turns 23.
So in honor of her birthday, I am dedicating this post to a photo tour of our relationship history, through the good, the bad, and the ugly! Love you, little!
 At Pompeii in 2009
 Ready for a birthday party in 2009
 Parent's weekend 2010
 A night out 2011
 Asheville 2010
 One of our first pictures, 2008
 Tallahassee 2011
 At a tailgate, 2010
 2008 Football season
 Halloween 2008 with the FSU fishing
 At 5th Avenue Tap Room 2010
 Phi Mutiny 2010...I SO wish we remembered what this was all about.
 My 21st birthday =)

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  1. too fun, happy birthday to your little - what on earth are you two sitting on in that one picture?! brown fur covered man?!

  2. HAHAHA the fuzzy bear!!!!! OMG love it and love you biggles!!! :) so glad you tolerate me in your life

  3. Happy birthday! Today's my little sister's bday too, but she's biological. :)


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