Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Mike broke his hand in the line of duty. And by hand I mean finger. And by finger I mean pinky. He had surgery. It's all better. Upside? He gets 12346213561651431 days off work and more time with ME!!!!!!!!!

I've been going non-stop since 2 weeks ago and am finally back home - in one piece and with most of my sanity in tact! We're leaving on Wednesday to drive up to my Mama's for the holiday...as if I needed another excuse to skip my morning run. Humbug.

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  1. Poor baby...I know you'll take care of him....I think I've broken everything at one time or another...including falling off my roof. Hope the pageant went well. You have a great time with your mom. Kai is coming home tonight with her beau and her brother. For us moms....being all together with y'all is huge.....Happy Thanksgiving.


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