Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Christmas!

 At least at my house it is! While my mom was in town, we put up my Christmas tree. It looks beeeeautiful! I'm so proud. =)
 Buffalo likes it very much.
 She is not a huge fan of her reindeer costume, though.



  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was nice to be able to tree-trim with your mom!! kind of makes it more special, huh?!

    i can't get over how much buffalo looks like milo!! wow! milo even has a dark area on her face...but it's lower on her nose!! they could be twins! have a nice day!! :)

  2. WOW- That is a beautiful tree!!!
    Mine isn't going up until after Thanksgiving. I gotta do one holiday at a time. I'm always behind LOL!

  3. Just became a new follower of your blog! Look forward to your posts! Love the tree!


  4. Love it! My cats always hide under the Christmas tree too. It is so sweet when they fall asleep under there. And your current header is my favorite!


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