Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vlogging my life away

Sorry about my melodrama on Monday. That was dumb. Now on to something completely different...A VLOG!

It's a hair un-tutorial. And it's excruciatingly long and awkward, so if you don't have 10 minutes to sit down and watch me talk to myself, here are some highlights:

- Buffalo meows really cute like in the first minute.
- Nearly a minute of fast-motion hair-drying set to an awful, faux Blink-182 default iMovie track.
- My ceiling fan mysteriously moves all on it's own during said fast-motion hair-drying.
- I burn my fingers more than once.
- I curse under my breath.
- I make fun of people who curl their hair with their straightener.
- I make very strange facial expressions.

So, there you go. All your curling wand questions answered!



  1. I've heard of this "curling with a straightener" thing but ... it's a straightener. STRAIGHT. I have to admit though, I'm kinda intrigued...

  2. HEY! I curl my hair with a straightener! I actually did it this morning, lol. You can get really nice curls from them!

    But OMG this video was funny. You are too much!

  3. You literally made me laugh out loud watching this! But as entertaining as this video was, I have a few helpful hints about the wand! I actually use my curling iron as a faux-wand by not the clamp. Hold the wand/iron barrel vertically and wrap you hair around is and hold for 30 seconds or so resulting in perfectly curled hair!!
    Hope you find this technique more successful! Good luck with you wand curling!!


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