Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm a compulsive furniture rearranger. Have I ever mentioned that before? I used to wake my mom up late at night in high school. I guess the sound of furniture being dragged across tile floor travels pretty nicely at 2 AM.

The living room layout had been bugging me for a while. It looked small and cramped. Last Friday I had a few hours home alone before Mike got off work. So naturally I rearranged the living room.
Here's what it looked like before: (the wide angle lens I used is a bit deceiving, size wise).
Here's what it looks like now:

I also finally got around to framing some of my Wyoming pictures, and we're going to have to re-center the frames above the couch.
The only thing I don't love about the new living room is the wall that the chair is now up against. It seems too bare, so I bought some frames from Wally World to hang on it.

I seriously hate this wall. It's load-bearing, though. Otherwise I'd beg Mike to take it out. I think the pictures will help, though. And yes, our kitchen was messy when I took this. Lol


  1. Much better...besides the stupid load bearing wall of course.

    I'm itching for a change myself, in my room.

  2. I did...do...the same thing. I used to rearrange my bedroom when I was a teenager. I'd think...there has to be a better use of space. I'm a very organized person and furniture all jumbled makes me itch...haha. One time I rearranged my sister's living room when she went to the drug store. How rude....:)


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