Friday, December 02, 2011

Knox' bound!

While you're reading this, I'm probably in the car on my way to Tennessee to visit my Big Sister, LEAH! I'm planning on leaving a little bit early so that I can take my time driving. We're going to go together to pick up Taylor (my infamous Little) at the airport. So it's going to be a semi family reunion! YAY.

Leah is seriously the sweetest person on the face of the planet - and it wasn't until her senior year of college (my junior year) that I got to know the spitfire she'd been hiding inside. Literally. It's like she transformed from this wholesome book worm to a bar-going hell storm overnight. And she still managed to keep a 4.0 and get into an amazing grad school.

Not only does she have it going on in the brain department, she was the best big I could have hoped for - giving me balance when I really needed it and being supportive no matter what kind of awful decisions I'd made.

She was the best football game partner, and she always was up for going to a social.
2008 - after Taylor came into our lives...she loved me even when I ruined family photo ops...
 She loved me even though I was like 135151 feet taller than she is...(2007 @ IFC rush)
 She loved me during my days of refusing to do my hair or make-up...(2007 social)
 She loved me during my serious obsession with tanning bed... (2008 - her 20th bday)

She loved me when I drank to much at the bar,  (2008 summer)
 She loved me when I sketched out of places early...

She was there for me on my 21st birthday and didn't get mad when I broke her roommate's blow up mattress.

So, to wrap it up - I could NOT be more thankful to have been blessed with such a kind-heart, fun-loving and good-natured Big - my life at FSU would not have been the same (or nearly as good) without her.



  1. so fun, have a blast in Knoxville!

  2. Hope you're feeling better and you have a great time. You made me think about my college days. I was a Delta Gamma and a little sister of Sigma Chi. I kind of petered out at the end...but I made a couple of close friends. I am getting together with my old roommate in San Diego...when we meet...after's like we were never apart.


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