Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Pretty Fun Weekend

Okay, first things first. When I originally titled this post, I absent-mindedly typed "A Pretty Fun Murder." Uhhhh...what? I think we've been watching too much Breaking Bad. Also, stay tuned for some pretty suh-weet posts this week, ranging from adorable baby portraits to a passive aggressive rant on inconsiderate parkers.

Moving on - Saturday was a success. I mentioned we were going to be smoking some ribs and pork loin, and we did just that. Well, Joe and Mike did. Mostly Mike. I took Peyton's 1st birthday portraits in the AM and then sat around drinking wine coolers in the PM.

While the meat was smoking for 8 hours, we played some ladder ball and the boys got hammered. Renee and I looked on with judgmental stares and laughter.
Joe adding some applewood to the smoker.
 The final delicious product. I didn't get any pictures of the ribs.
Mike and Joe doing their secret handshake.
Today's post was sponsored in part by Buffalo: Queen of the Universe.


  1. Murder would have definitely gotten everyone's attention. Hahaha! Glad you fixed it though. :) looks like a pretty great weekend!
    I'm having a giant giveaway and would love for you to enter!

  2. yum. I want a smoker, and some of that pork. now.

    love that picture of buffalo too - such a little model.

  3. Yummy, that pork looks delicious!!!
    An evening sipping wine coolers & eating good food sounds fun to me :)


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