Friday, December 30, 2011


These are officially my first self portraits using my new studio lighting and backdrop! I hung some Christmas lights in the background to get the playful bokeh. I'm so vain.

Don't you love my scarf? It's 100% cashmere and ridiculously soft. *SPOILER ALERT* I got my mom a pink one for Christmas and never sent it to her. Mom, you'll just have to open it when you come visit in a few weeks. I'm sure we'll still have the Christmas decorations up anyway.

I am seriously obsessed with my new equipment. The reflective umbrellas create such a natural daylight effect. I mean, with the exception of some moderate touch ups to my skin, these pics are basically SOOC.  I used my new fixed length 50mm lens, too. SWOON. So CRISP and SHARP. I was THIS close to sedating Moose so that she'd sit still for some portraits. SOMEONE COME BE MY MODEL! Annahita, I'm bringing my gear when I come take your preggo/family pics so clear some space for the set-up! lol


  1. Umm hello, you are just stunning in those pics!!

    Can't wait to see more :)

  2. They look great! I love the word bokeh. You're awesome.

    Along Abbey Road

  3. Great photos!! Mike did such an awesome job with the Christmas presents this year! You look beautiful, as always :)

  4. So cute!! They look awesome!

  5. seriously, you're so beautiful! love these shots and YES, can't wait for our photoshoot... march, april? we need to start planning!

  6. and I'm JEALOUS of your new equipment, I got a new lens for christmas too, eeee. yay!

  7. I have always loved your photography. You just keep geting better.


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