Monday, January 23, 2012


So remember the cubby I mentioned? Here's another sneak peek. I still haven't managed to take a decent photo of it. But we DID get a super awesome coat rack from Pier 1. We've always been bad about piling up jackets and things on the back of our chair but I couldn't stand it any longer. So we've got the coat rack. I also added a basket on top of the cubby to act as Mike's catch he has a spot to put his wallet and gun and Sheriffy things when he gets home from work. I'm trying my best to avoid turning our new dining table into a storage zone like the old one. So far, no scratches!
And here's a quick look at the new curtains in the dining room. We put matching ones up in the living room...and as soon as I get the giant trash pile by the front door taken outside, I'll try to get some pictures.

Most boring post ever? Cool.


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