Friday, January 20, 2012

I blatantly lied to y'all

On Monday I told you to look out for some posts about the house. Then I never had the chance to take any photos while it was still light outside. I REFUSE to take pictures of the house with flash. So...I'll take pictures over the weekend and have some posts lined up next week.

In the mean time, here's an Instagram update of the past several days.

Mike and I have decided to start running together during the week. Yesterday was our first day. I asked him to run with me several times last fall and he always said no (I'm slow, he's doesn't really work), so I'm happy that he's had a change of heart. Apparently running is good for you? So even if he runs during the day with his Sheriffy friends, he's still going to run with me in the evenings. =) Yesterday AM he had a PT test for work and ran an 8 minute mile and still came home and ran 2 miles with me.

If you use RunKeeper to track your runs, join my street team!

Plus, Bella loves the extra attention and time with us away from the kitties. =)
Sunset after our run.

Here's a sneak peak of the cubby update I promised:

Mike and I are also making an effort to do things together other than sitting on the couch and watching endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
And Moose is getting bigger by the day. Sad face.

Also, my boss' daughter was hanging out with us this week, which meant I got to love on her adorable Yorkie pup, Lily. She sat on my lap and grilled at me for a little bit.



  1. too freaking cute. from the boardgames, to moose, to that freaking yorkie. I die.

  2. I used you and your adorable life to guilt trip David in to running with me on the weekends. Thanks for helping out :)


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