Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, when I started my photography website I set up comment moderation. That way, every comment came to my email before it went live on the post. In hindsight, I probably should have set up a better spam filter so that stuff like what I'm about to show you would just automatically get deleted.

It started out innocent enough -

Not so bad...clearly spam but not obnoxious or anything. Just completely irrelevant to any of my posts (which are all about photography).

Then it got weird.

 I automatically envision an elderly midget...

And this last one is my favorite and/or the creepiest -

Uh....WHAT? Borderline terrifying.

Do y'all get weird spam comments?


  1. Yes! I've been lots of weird spam comments lately! So annoying!

  2. whaaaaaaaaaat?! so strange and hilarious!

  3. Yes sometimes! Worth having moderation! How strange are some of those! x


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