Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I feel like my brain has been in a million places at once recently, and NONE of those places has been the blogosphere! I miss you so, blog land! =(

Work is busy. And as much as I love having something to do every day when I'm at the office, I hate being exhausted when I come home. I hate being grouchy. I hate not wanting to blog.

On Sunday, Mike and I went on a day date. He took me to Macaroni grill where we ordered some delish tapas and some not so delish brick oven pizzas. I think "tapas" is fun to say, but the obese child in me that hates to share thinks they are a STUPID concept.
I love bread dipped in olive oil!!! Lezbehonest...I love all bread. I love all carbs. Give me anything that's bad for me.
 I discovered that they make FSU vanity plates for South Carolina, so when I register my car here in SC I can get Florida State tags! I was literally having a crisis about this. I love my FSU plates and would feel incomplete without them.
I know this is blurry...cry fest. But speaking of South Carolina, I met Shaq Rolland, AKA Mr. Football. He's a pretty big deal to the Gamecock fans that I am constantly surrounded by. I actually did get an unblurry pic with him, but I was mid sentence and my mouth looked all fuglified. Here is a Photoshopped version...
Gotta do what you gotta do.

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