Wednesday, March 07, 2012


So, since we're getting married in, oh...a week and a half (10 days if we're counting), I've been plotting my honeymoon wardrobe.

Mike is in dire need of a swim trunk overhaul, so hopefully we can take care of that before boarding the plane to Punta Cana.

I ordered two suits from Victoria's Secret and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Theeeeees one:

And theeeeees one:

And I am fully planning on looking exactly like those models by the time we arrive beach side...only 40 lbs to go, ladies! Just let me finish eating this cinnamon roll and I'll be all set.

I also still have this super cute suit from last summer that I hardly ever wore:
I picked up some cute sandals at DSW (DESIGNER shoe warehouse, not DISCOUNT shoe warehouse, even though they have some pretty sweet deals) when I was visiting my mom, so I think I'm set on the footwear front.
I also scooped this BCBG dress at Dillard's in Norfolk, which will be perfecto for visiting one of the resort's restaurants for dinner in the evening.

And in case you were wondering, we're going to Dreams Punta Cana all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. Apparently it's pretty awesome. I am very much looking forward to the matching robes and slippers.


  1. is it cool if i show up there too?

    i'd be solo but i think they have a special for third wheels.


    you'll be lookin HOT

  2. so fun, I'm SO jealous! of your not pregnant amazing body and how good you're going to look in those swimsuits and of your honeymoon! I'm also so excited that you'll have a huuuuusband in 10 days! Mike is one lucky guy!! :)

  3. Have SO much fun on your honeymoon!! This is such an exciting time! So happy for you guys! :)

  4. cute!! i love the blue one especially!! how exciting that everything is so close!!!

  5. Ugh I am in DESPERATE need of a new baithing suit but I dunno if I want to order online.

  6. Jared and I went to Punta Cana on our honeymoon too! It was awesome :)

  7. I just LOVE your blog!! I'm so glad you found me! And I love the exciting that your wedding is in 10 days!

    Keep Shining,

  8. I love bikini season and Victorias secret has the cutest ones! I bought 3 last year. I just got the Catalog and I will probably be getting 3 more this summer. I love the Striped one u picked and the first one is adorable!!!!


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