Monday, March 05, 2012

You guys...

We are getting married in less than TWO WEEKS.


FOURTEEN DAYS. Well really more like TWELVE.

Sorry for the lack of blogging going on - between practicing my signature with my new last name and spray mounting card stock together until my fingers bleed, I just haven't had much time to post!

Also, a blog name change and redesign is in the works after the honeymoon. Oh goody!

Anyway, I know you missed seeing pictures of my animals! 

The weather has been ridiculous lately. Has anyone else noticed? It's been unseasonably if I wasn't still retaining my winter blubber, I would've busted out my swimsuit and soaked up some sun on Friday. I had to run to Augusta to take care of something and had my sun roof open and the radio blasting. It was AMAZE.

Anyway, Kelsey comes back to town in like...9 days. So exciiiiited! My parents are coming, too. I guess that's cool. I'm getting marrrriiieeeeeed.


  1. you're going to blink your eyes and become a Mrs.
    that's insane!! so happy for you!!
    can't wait to see the blog name/design!
    and as always, precious animals!! <3

  2. It's so soon!!!! how exciting for you two!! can't wait to see the new blog name/design. :)

    also, yes, totally unseasonably warm. we went camping in Tahoe over the weekend and I was hiking in snow with a t-shirt on b/c it was almost 60 degrees. crazy.

  3. Oooh....getting close. You're a pro...I'm sure everything will be perfect. Is that your mom and dad? Did you get your height from dad? How tall are you girlfriend? So beautiful.

  4. Soooooo exciting. Congratulations!!


  5. eeeeeeeee! so excited for you - and love the animal snapshots, too cute.

    can't wait to see the new blog design! :)


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