Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few Good Cakes

In the wake of our epic grooms cake failure, our wedding day baker was a huge success and I could not be more grateful to our wedding planners for recommending her.

Not only did she make me a beautiful wedding cake and a great grooms cake for Mike the day of the wedding, she also made favors for each guest to have at their seat, and she did those for free!

For Mike's "Day of Groomscake," we decided to do something Texas themed in honor of his home state. We did a cake shaped like a Longhorn made entirely of cake balls!

The cake balls were a huge hit and SO delicious.

I changed the design of my wedding cake a couple of times and Crystal was very flexible. She sent me these really cool digital composites to give me an idea of what she was putting together based on my Pinterest pics and ideas. I was so anxious to see the final product and I can't wait to get the professional pictures! I wanted something that looked like lace but was NOT made of fondant...I hate the taste of fondant! Crystal designed a beautiful lacy looking buttercream cake, and we topped it with some flowers that matched the rest of our arrangements.

The cakes on the day of our wedding absolutely made up for the cake failure at the rehearsal dinner and I am SO glad we decided to do two groom's cakes for Mike.


  1. That cute is STUNNING. Just beautiful!

  2. dang that is one gorgeous huge cake!!

  3. I bet your wedding pictures are going to show up on Pinterest. Everything looks so beautiful!

    And I'm still working on the Frost murderer confirmation... but along with you, I'm hoping it's a fake


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