Friday, April 06, 2012

An Update, Already?

Thanks for your sweet comments and emails about Ginger. We are SO happy to give her a home. When the Hubcap initially proposed the idea of bringing her to live with us, I immediately said long as I didn't have to worry about her eating the cats. Poor Buffalo still hasn't quite recovered from when we brought Moose into the house back in December.
Probably her first bone ever!
Since Monday, Ginger has gone from being a veteran outside dog who had never seen the inside of a house (save for the occasional crime-related call, I'm sure) to a couch-side attention hound.

I tried to get Mike to wrastle up some career facts about Ginger for me to share, but he said that would be virtually impossible unless he sifted through years worth of case files. He did tell me that one time when they were tracking a lost little girl, Ginger found her and curled up next to her, using her body heat to keep the little girl warm until the human deputies caught up to them. Like something out of a movie, right? Ginger was one of their best tracking dogs and we are SO lucky to have her!
Ginger was also the very first dog Mike ever went on a call with!

Anyway, after the bad storm on Tuesday night we've had the threat of bad weather every night since. We've had severe thunder storm warnings and even the promise of hail, part of the same system that spawned the tornados in Dallas. They were never really as bad a the weather channel made them out to be, but this has given me a great excuse to bring Ginger into the laundry room every night.
Last night, we went a step further. We decided to let her into the house to explore. She met the cats and sniffed around for quite a while. Moose followed her around like a shadow and has found a new best friend. Ginger could not have cared less about the cats and was much more interested in sniffing every inch of the house. It was so funny to see her exploring such foreign territory.
At one point, she got down on our carpet and just started wallowing. Mike said she was probably thinking, "this is the nicest grass ever!" It was so cute.

We are still going to have her sleep in the laundry room for now. It's tile in there so if she goes to the bathroom at night it'll be easier to clean up. Once she starts getting in the habit of getting let outside in the mornings and holding it until then, we'll see about letting her sleep in a different room. I just think she is too old to be locked in a crate and I don't have the heart to crate train her.

Either way, this has got to be so much better than spending her last year or two up at the Sheriff's office.


  1. You are such a wonderful person for taking her in. I don't blame you for giving her a room rather than a crate. My dog was raised as crate trained and we leave the gate open during the day and she goes in there on her own. She just oves it. I hope the best of luck with Ginger!

  2. I told you so :) That's a pretty good story ... I was gonna say sounds like a movie of the week or a Hallmark movie. Hey ... upside ... you will always be able to find Mike...just give Ginger a sock ... and Mike can't hide....of course not that he'd want to ... just sayn

  3. I'm so glad to see the hardworking lady is having a nice retirement!

  4. seriously - I LOVE her. she's awesome and I bet she's loving her new life with y'all! :)

  5. ......and if Buffalo or Moose go missing maybe she can track them down??? haha.

  6. What an incredible dog and addition to your family!! She is BEAUTIFUL and I can just see how sweet she is from these pictures. :)


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