Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Insta Update

AKA it's Tuesday and I'm probably dying a slow and painful death underneath a pile of laundry right now.

I never really posted about our Memorial Day festivities, mainly because I didn't take any pictures with my good camera. I made accidentally twice-baked macaroni, cookie pudding, and Mike smoked some deeeeelicious ribs. There might have been beer and wine drinking involved.
Said macaroni on its first go at baking.
Cooookie pudding. It was SO good. I posted the recipe yesterday. 

I painted my nails a few times, 
 Gratuitous nail/bling shot youknowyou'vedoneitbefore.

I hung out with the cats,

And I hung out with Hubs, too

I scored some adorbs ceramic pots (and already managed to chip one...) at TJMaxx for $6. They're bright and sunshiney and exactly what the front porch needed! They didn't come with drainage holes, so I think they were for fake plants, or just decoration, but Mike came to the rescue and drilled some holes for me.

I also might have found an excuse to wear my new salmon colored rain coat from Maine, or as I have affectionately named it, my "Maine Coat." Get it?

I think I've officially exceeded the acceptable length of an insta dump post.

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  1. I missed the cookie post, must go back and read ASAP!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from Jen's favorites. I knew I needed to follow you once I saw that you're not only from FSU, but you're in Aiken now. My boyfriend & his family moved there last summer, and before that, I've never heard of the place. Small world :) Have a wonderful day!

    Coral @

  3. mmmmm I gotta try the pink moscato!

  4. Your rings are absolutely divine!


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