Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

The Italy recap posts are officially OVER. Thank God. I really did those more for myself - I know after my last two trips I regretted not blogging about them so I wanted to make sure I really documented my time this trip. I hope you guys weren't too bored.

My brain is pretty much fried - I'm still nursing my vacation hangover and day-dreaming about my next great adventure. In lieu of a nicely written and well thought-out post, I've decided to hijack this idea that I originally saw posted by Jenni and then later by Stephanie.

If you really knew me, you'd know:

- I make up ridiculous nicknames for my animals.
  • Bella becomes Bella Roo, then Roo Boo, then Pooh Bear, then Boo Boo, then Smelly Belly or Smella Bella.
  • Moose becomes Goose, then Goosie, then PompleMoose, then Moosie Roosie, then Poopy Pants, then Chubbulubb.
  • Buffalo becomes Buffy, then Buffins, then Muffin, then Muffles, then Buffle Muff, and on and on and on. It's a problem.
- I am obssessed with my pets, but I think that goes without saying.

- I am more faithful to cheese & wine than any other food "group..."

- but I could eat Mexican or Italian for every meal. 

- I am 100% an advocate for online dating. 

- I cringe at the thought of negative confrontation and avoid it at all costs. 

- I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

- I would always rather think than talk. Probably because I am the most awkward person on the planet. 

- My pipe dream is to write a book (as it seems to be for most 

- I find the idea of childbirth absolutely defies the laws of physics. 

- I cry more when animals die in movies than when humans do.

- It takes me forever to fall asleep. When I go to bed, my brain relentlessly replays the day's events, thinking about things I should have done differently. A lot of time I rehearse something coming up soon - either pre-writing a blog post or chapter of my novel. It's annoying.

- I'm obsessed with photographs and feel the incessant need to document everything around me. I love having the memories to look back on, but sometimes I feel like I miss the forrest for the trees. Apparently life is more interesting when you experience it first hand rather than constantly looking through a camera lens. 

- I'm an eternal optimist and very outgoing in certain circles, but I am AWFUL at making new friends. There's a certain level of "comfortableness" with the people who already know me that I can never recreate. 

- I often wish I had gone to school for graphic design or something more business related - writing would have been my passion whether I'd pursued it as a degree or not. I also wished I taken a year off between high school and college so that I'd have been more appreciative of my education. Grad School is still looming on my horizon - I so want a masters degree!

- I love to read and once I start a book, I get ridiculously committed to finishing it in one sitting. 


  1. I love these posts - I am definitely going to have to do one!

  2. Molly has more nicknames than I can even list and I, too, am totally terrified by childbirth. It's so weird and something about it is just not right.

  3. loved this, that photo of you is gorgeous!!

  4. I love this! I don't think I've called my dog by his "real" name since the day we got him.

  5. love getting to know you!! you are beautiful!


  6. I totally make up weird nicknames for my animals, too! I had a cat named Sid when I was a kid, but I insisted on calling him Henry. Like, what? And my cat Mr. Feeney is often referred to as Bean. I don't even know. hah.

    Loved reading more about you!

  7. I too, am awkward. And I am so lazy to recap my wedding but feel that I might regret it.. blogger remorse much??


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