Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parco Termale Negombo - Ischia

Our last day in Italy was the most relaxing, by far. It was definitely a nice way to end my two week stay, and I'm sure my Aunt and Cousin enjoyed themselves.

Negombo is a thermal park on the island of Ischia. It gives the illusion of being secluded - it's surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs and hillsides, and the fourth side opens up into a rock-walled bay. It's very beautiful.

In reality, it's only a 5 minute taxi ride from Casamicciola (the second port on Ischia), and is essentially in the middle of a neighborhood and bustling tourist district. The entry fee (29 Euro) probably helps to keep out the riff raff. Ischia is made up of several pools (close to 20, I believe), all of different temperatures - and it's natural thermal water. Most of it is salty. It was always one of my favorite destinations in high school - my friends and I visited frequently.

We got up bright and early, took a ferry from the port of Pozzuoli, and arrived at Negombo right around 9:00 AM. We stayed until around 4:00 PM. If you're ever in southern Italy, this is somewhere you have to see!


  1. The first photo with those purples flowers..GORGEOUS!

    Umm can I be shipped to Italy now?? So beautiful!

  2. I have really enjoyed all of your postings on your vacation. Your photos are amazing. It looked like so much fun that I want to go back there myself.


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