Monday, July 09, 2012

Updatta Instagramma

Don't hold me to it, I'm not 100% sure my post title is in accurate Italian.

To tide you over until I can get some of my pictures edited and into an enjoyable post format, here's an instagram if I haven't had enough of those on the blog lately.


So, like most trips do, mine started off with packing. I hate packing. I never know which outfits I'm actually going to like once I get where I'm going. I also tend to over pack, which leads to a suitcase that weighs more than 50 lbs, which means dishing out $$$$$$ for the baggage fee. I decided that this time I would not let that happen and tried to plan accordingly. Moose decided to help.

I got to the airport and was underweight! Possibly the first time in history I haven't been haphazardly shoving random clothes into my carry on in an effort to get down to 50.

Once I cleared security, I immediately found the most unhealthy food imaginable and sat alone to eat it. It was probably the most pathetic scene to behold, but those nachos were mighty delicious.

I boarded my flight to Munich and promptly took this photo of myself. Had Mike been with me, this is when I usually would have whined, "Baby take my pictuuuuuure." Alas, I was alone. Traveling alone is such a drag.

I got to Munich and took a picture of my favorite sign.

Then I got to my Dad's house and took this picture from my bedroom.  I also got to see my kitty cat, Picolo. I rescued him from an Italian construction site when he was just a wittle baby kitten.

The next day, we went to Capri. Here is proof:

The day after that, we went to Greece...

So, stay tuned for the ACTUAL pictures and posts. If you want.

Tomorrow my cousin and aunt arrive. What we have on the books for the next week: Pompeii, a nice hike to the crater nearby, two days in Roma, a trip to Ischia, exploring downtown Naples, a cruise around the Amalfi coast...and anything else we can squeeze in.


  1. OMG! This trip looks amazing ---if I ever get to part of the world I am asking you for advice on where to go lol

  2. this trip looks amazing... that scenery, i'm so jealous right now haha.
    xo dana

  3. Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your pictures are incredible!! Love!!

    And I hear you about the 50 lb limit. Such a lame rule I tell you.

    Can't wait to see more!


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