Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rushing the Season

So, my fave place on Earth, the Hob Lob, (read more about my love affair here, here, here, aaaand here) officially has their Christmas decorations out. Knowing this, it's hard for me to stay away, and I LITERALLY hear a chorus of angels every time I walk into the store.

I would put up my Christmas tree tomorrow if it was socially acceptable (who cares - I just don't want to drive Mike too far over the edge, that's the real reason).

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. The second we can afford it, I will make sure that we purchase a house that is conducive to holiday decorations. Our current home/furniture/rooms/budget do not really allow for the winter wonderland I want to create come October (I'm known for spending Halloween night putting up the tree and NOT passing out candy...sorry kiddos), so I have to reduce myself to drooling over that "future home" I hope to have.

Decked out mantle? ULTIMATE DREAM. We don't even have a fireplace.

This stairwell? Next to impossible to recreate in a one-story house.

These DOORS? I don't even know what to say. I will take four houses with four grand entrances, please.

So this is how I spend the majority of my fall - dreaming about how I can decorate for Christmas.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A rant

I saw this today and HAD to say something.

I "liked" this Sun Station Tanning Studios page on Facebook as a favor to a friend in an effort to help them win some sort of competition. I've since "un-liked" them.

Tanning salons, especially ones that don't offer sunless tanning, have a bad name as it is. I know it's easy to argue that in our world, essentially anything can be deemed a carcinogen (like apparently tomatoes give you cancer these days LOL), but tanning beds are PROVEN cancer causers, people. There is no debating it...and it might not happen immediately, or ever. Anyway. That's not what this is about. (And I'm not judging any of you fake'n'bakers. I've been known to partake in the past).

What upset me about this ad was the needless over-sexifying of an already taboo industry. If I was the owner of a tanning salon that was under constant scrutiny for being unsafe, especially when teenagers are the main demographic, WHY would I put out such a senseless double entendre? GET IN BED WITH US?  If I was a mother, and my daughter was using this salon for ANYTHING, whether it was sunless tanning or a service of any kind, I would immediately take our business elsewhere.  And I am not the "skirts must be below the knees, collar up to the neck" type of person at all - HELLO, I work in pageantry.

What do you think? Is this overdoing it? I get it - clever play on words...HA HA HA, very punny. But seriously, guys? GET IN BED WITH US? Disgusting.

Also, I will be back next week with Mid-Week Must Haves. I'm taking a break from Pinterest.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Monday!

How was your weekend?

I ordered a really cute dress - sequined bodice, flowy chiffon skirt, and when it came in and I tried it on, it literally looked like it had been tailored to fit a baby doll. The description online warned me that it was a "short cut" but I didn't know "short cut" was synonymous with "your vagina will be falling out of this dress so don't buy it if you are taller than 5'5"."

Here is said dress:

Ok, so I know I'm of the curvy variety, and I know a lot of girls actually enjoy dresses that are this length, but I was SO sad because this dress had such great potential and was just WAY too short for me. I pouted for a while, but now it's wrapped up and ready to be returned.

In an effort to solidify my crazy cat lady reputation, I posed with this shower curtain in public:

Here is another picture of my face:

And this is me with an adorable miniature dog-like creature named Chloe:

We went to a cook-out/backyard volleyball party at Shonn and Gena's on Saturday. The weather was beautiful but the mosquitos were out in full force. Hopefully next weekend won't be as rainy as the forecast is promising.

My MOH Kelsey is coming in town from California for some Labor Day camping at the lake, but Hurricane Issac might ruin that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Back seat, feet on the

You guys, I haven't written a real post in a while because all I want to do is complain and that is just so last season. So I decided to post fluffy lightweight banter because bitter is not an attractive look on a blog.

ANYWAY...when I wasn't wasting all of my time sobbing over the things I can't afford on Pinterest, I managed to read two books in 5 days. I mean, I might not be able to sew awesome throw pillows complete with matching piping or buy all my outfits on Tory Burch's and Kate Spade's websites, but damnit I can read a book in record time. I did read these almost a month ago, though.

Book 1: 1000 White Women
Thoughts: Pretty good for a diary written by a man from a woman's point of view. Does that make sense? The book's author is a man. But the book is supposed to be a diary written by a woman. Basically, back in the late 19th century, the government decided to send a bunch of white ladies into the uncharted western Indian territory to procreate with the "savages." The book details the adventures of one of these women in a series of letters (that she never mailed) to her relatives. I really think it would be cool for them to make a movie out it. I mean, if 50 Shades of Grey gets a freaking movie. COME ON. Jim Fergus is on top of his grammar and punctuation, unlike some people I know. *cough, E.L. James, cough*

Book 2: Ze Great Gatsby! YAY! Love this book forever and always. It's pretty short and I can punch it out in matter of hours. I am super excited for the movie in December - mainly because Leo is only getting better with age and Tobey McGuire desperately needs to redeem himself in my eyes - what has he done since Cider House Rules? Spiderman? Brothers in 2009? Has he even been in anything since that?

If you've never read this book, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Or download it to le Kindle. I love the language and always find new sentences to say over and over to myself (yes, that's what makes a good book for me...). The first chapter is one of my favorites, as is the one where Nick arranges the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy for the first time at West Egg. 


Your Foremost Authority on the Critique of Novels

And here is your requisite cat photo:


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday Night

What did you do on Monday?

I made a blog design for one of my oldest pals, Danielle! She's new to the blogging world (and a fresh Colorado transplant), so do yourself a favor and skip right on over to her blog to say hello. Remember how scary it was when you first started?

Once she gets into the swing of things I know it'll be one of my favorite places to visit.

I'm also pretty fond of the design I whipped up. I adore the color palette she asked for.

Not to mention I'm obsessed with that little sprig of holly (mistletoe?) that I added as a garnish on her Seasonal recipes category! HOORAY CHRISTMAS! Tootin' my own horn. Toot toot.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Phi Mu Phi Babies of 2012

Bid day is less than a week away now. That means a slew of you new perky young things will be pledging your undying (until you drop) love to Phi Mu.

In my early days, I didn't understand how powerful it was to belong to "tha sisterhood." Remember that time I went to chapter? No. Me neither. I was way too busy being a "live in girlfriend" at the frat house (because I was too lazy to clear my dorm bed of my months' worth of laundry) and putting on the freshman 15 (at Guthries, not at Socials or Happy Hour...don't ever make that mistake, y'all.)


Apparently if you're not as socially awkward as I am, pre-recruitment and recruitment have the potential to be a somewhat fun two-week experience. I have yet to find proof. I also got fined for not deleting my Facebook (Umm HELLO this is the digital age girlfriend's gotta stay connected I PROMISE I'm not about to dirty rush some skanks - I don't even want to talk to them in person.)

The only good thing that came out of recruitment 2008 was Taylor Henry George (that's her real middle name) MY GOSH DERN LITTLE!

We dyed our hair with the best of 'em. Thanks to Taylor's helping hand (read: questionable influence and borderline alcoholism) I found myself single, mingling like nobody's business, and finally behaving like a freshman (not in that order) (and as a sophomore).

Our Phi Mu family grew as we got older,

And then my last semester as a Phi Mu at FSU was suddenly at my doorstep.

I had to read a really weird letter written primarily in a language of inside jokes aloud to the whole chapter at Fly Ups, a tradition you will all too soon become very familiar with, my dear little Phi. Try not to whine too loudly, though. What seems like hours of torture now is something you will appreciate when it's your turn to talk.

And now, this is our family (I know, it just keeps growing this great-great-great-great-grand big crap is ridiculous.)

Anyway, one of you new Pledge Class of 2012 little babies is going to be my sweet Meghan's little sister, and I cannot wait to meet you - great-great-great-grand little.



I bet you thought I forgot to mention my Big Sister. I didn't.

She is my bid-day buddy, my roommate, one of my best friends, and such a big inspiration - there is no such thing as Phi Mu without my Leah.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Thursday

I made some oreo bon bons the other night. They were delicious. And only 120000 calories per bite! Yes, those are peanut butter chips nestled comfortably in the middle of each serving of chocolatey goodness.

That's all I have to say about that.

Tomorrow is Friday, y'all. FRIDYA!!!! Does anyone remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch? I got such a kick out of Salem the cat. That's how he sometimes used to say Friday. FRIDYA!

I'm officially shutting this post down.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid-Week Must Haves V.3

How adorable is that elephant painting? I need it. 

Like always, I'm coveting anything and everything gold. And totally gravitating towards comfy fall outfits and skinny jean/boot combos. Too bad I have a solid three more months of HEAT to look forward to here in good ol' South Carolina.

I also LOVE these three belted dresses, the two ruffly numbers are precious, and that delicate blue/cream lace baby has my name all over it.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Few Hours at Pisgah

On Saturday morning, Mike and I drove up to Hendersonville for his cousin, Caleb's, 10th birthday party. We spent the afternoon eating BBQ and avoiding stray water balloons. The Asheville area is one of my all time favorite places.

Me with Caleb's puppy, Ella.

Sunday morning after breakfast at Mike's grandma's house, we ventured out to Pisgah Forest (the same area where Mike proposed) to try and find a secluded waterfall and swimming hole that Mike had visited nearly 10 years earlier. We succeeded. It was beautiful. Bella was in heaven. Ginger was...old.

I didn't actually get in the water - it was only about 75 degrees in the mountains on Sunday, and the sun doesn't really make it through the trees, so I wasn't brave enough. Plus we didn't bring towels.

Bella swam, though. And so did Mike.

Check out this video of Mike jumping into the waterfall:


Monday, August 13, 2012

Another week!


I'm BACK from the craziest week in recent history. On Tuesday I left for Alabama with my boss to spend a few days recruiting contestants for the Miss Alabama USA and Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant, not to mention hanging out with some of our most splendiferous sponsors.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great Alabama is at everything they do?

For instance, DESSERT. Holy cupcakes from heaven I don't know what they put in the flour down there but my taste buds were doing cartwheels and back hand springs all week.

One of the best places we ate was Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham - I got a German chocolate cupcake (I DIE) and a turkey/guac wrap.

Another thing Alabama is good at? Thunderstorms. Of course, they are fairly notorious for their devastating tornadoes as of late, and thankfully we did not experience anything that nasty.

Alabama is also really great at producing beautiful women. Case in point:

We did actually do some work this week, though...

And on the way home, we got to see Syndey (Miss NC USA) and Erin, (Miss LA USA) modeling at the Atlanta Apparel Mart!

Woo! How was YOUR week?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

That pageant I mentioned

On Tuesday I mentioned I went to a pageant. I went to the pageant on Saturday. It was a prelim for our South Carolina pageant that is coming up in November.

Here are some pictures -

Loved her dress

Possibly my favorite dress of the night:

Only a few months until we start kicking off our state pageants - Louisiana is up first the last weekend in October.
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