Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Few Hours at Pisgah

On Saturday morning, Mike and I drove up to Hendersonville for his cousin, Caleb's, 10th birthday party. We spent the afternoon eating BBQ and avoiding stray water balloons. The Asheville area is one of my all time favorite places.

Me with Caleb's puppy, Ella.

Sunday morning after breakfast at Mike's grandma's house, we ventured out to Pisgah Forest (the same area where Mike proposed) to try and find a secluded waterfall and swimming hole that Mike had visited nearly 10 years earlier. We succeeded. It was beautiful. Bella was in heaven. Ginger was...old.

I didn't actually get in the water - it was only about 75 degrees in the mountains on Sunday, and the sun doesn't really make it through the trees, so I wasn't brave enough. Plus we didn't bring towels.

Bella swam, though. And so did Mike.

Check out this video of Mike jumping into the waterfall:


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  1. That puppy is adorable!!!
    P.S. - I had a small heart attack waiting for him to come back up from under the water! lol


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