Monday, August 13, 2012

Another week!


I'm BACK from the craziest week in recent history. On Tuesday I left for Alabama with my boss to spend a few days recruiting contestants for the Miss Alabama USA and Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant, not to mention hanging out with some of our most splendiferous sponsors.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great Alabama is at everything they do?

For instance, DESSERT. Holy cupcakes from heaven I don't know what they put in the flour down there but my taste buds were doing cartwheels and back hand springs all week.

One of the best places we ate was Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham - I got a German chocolate cupcake (I DIE) and a turkey/guac wrap.

Another thing Alabama is good at? Thunderstorms. Of course, they are fairly notorious for their devastating tornadoes as of late, and thankfully we did not experience anything that nasty.

Alabama is also really great at producing beautiful women. Case in point:

We did actually do some work this week, though...

And on the way home, we got to see Syndey (Miss NC USA) and Erin, (Miss LA USA) modeling at the Atlanta Apparel Mart!

Woo! How was YOUR week?


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