Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Monday!

How was your weekend?

I ordered a really cute dress - sequined bodice, flowy chiffon skirt, and when it came in and I tried it on, it literally looked like it had been tailored to fit a baby doll. The description online warned me that it was a "short cut" but I didn't know "short cut" was synonymous with "your vagina will be falling out of this dress so don't buy it if you are taller than 5'5"."

Here is said dress:

Ok, so I know I'm of the curvy variety, and I know a lot of girls actually enjoy dresses that are this length, but I was SO sad because this dress had such great potential and was just WAY too short for me. I pouted for a while, but now it's wrapped up and ready to be returned.

In an effort to solidify my crazy cat lady reputation, I posed with this shower curtain in public:

Here is another picture of my face:

And this is me with an adorable miniature dog-like creature named Chloe:

We went to a cook-out/backyard volleyball party at Shonn and Gena's on Saturday. The weather was beautiful but the mosquitos were out in full force. Hopefully next weekend won't be as rainy as the forecast is promising.

My MOH Kelsey is coming in town from California for some Labor Day camping at the lake, but Hurricane Issac might ruin that.


  1. That dress is cute and definitely had potential!! But I agree, just a wee bit too

  2. What a bummer about that dress! It looks like it could be so cute but those proportions are just off a bit. Sad face.

  3. Why does it seem like every dress they make now-a-days are so so short! I am pretty sure most of the dresses I have tried on recently needed to come with a warning that says "do not sneeze while wearing or everyone will see your hoo-ha"


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