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Back seat, feet on the

You guys, I haven't written a real post in a while because all I want to do is complain and that is just so last season. So I decided to post fluffy lightweight banter because bitter is not an attractive look on a blog.

ANYWAY...when I wasn't wasting all of my time sobbing over the things I can't afford on Pinterest, I managed to read two books in 5 days. I mean, I might not be able to sew awesome throw pillows complete with matching piping or buy all my outfits on Tory Burch's and Kate Spade's websites, but damnit I can read a book in record time. I did read these almost a month ago, though.

Book 1: 1000 White Women
Thoughts: Pretty good for a diary written by a man from a woman's point of view. Does that make sense? The book's author is a man. But the book is supposed to be a diary written by a woman. Basically, back in the late 19th century, the government decided to send a bunch of white ladies into the uncharted western Indian territory to procreate with the "savages." The book details the adventures of one of these women in a series of letters (that she never mailed) to her relatives. I really think it would be cool for them to make a movie out it. I mean, if 50 Shades of Grey gets a freaking movie. COME ON. Jim Fergus is on top of his grammar and punctuation, unlike some people I know. *cough, E.L. James, cough*

Book 2: Ze Great Gatsby! YAY! Love this book forever and always. It's pretty short and I can punch it out in matter of hours. I am super excited for the movie in December - mainly because Leo is only getting better with age and Tobey McGuire desperately needs to redeem himself in my eyes - what has he done since Cider House Rules? Spiderman? Brothers in 2009? Has he even been in anything since that?

If you've never read this book, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Or download it to le Kindle. I love the language and always find new sentences to say over and over to myself (yes, that's what makes a good book for me...). The first chapter is one of my favorites, as is the one where Nick arranges the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy for the first time at West Egg. 


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  1. I loved 1000 White Women. I thought it was really well written, too. I've tried to read the Great Gatsby a couple times and get easily distracted. I think I'm going to have to give it another try.

  2. Im gonna add both of these to my list! back to blogging and missed your blog! Remember me?? ;)


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