Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Sunday

Because of busy family schedules and conflicts, we weren't able to celebrate Thanksgiving together on Thursday. Instead, we waited until Sunday to cook the traditional food and over-indulge. I'm not going to lie, waiting an extra three days for my Pecan Pie was especially challenging.

Cooper got to meet the rest of the family for the first time and got his fair share of lovin', that's for sure.


Monday, November 26, 2012

When your best friend comes to town

Naturally you force her family to let you take their picture.

I've mentioned before, but Kelsey's grandparents happen to live in Aiken, so she comes back to visit them and I get to piggy back off of them and sneak in a little bit of time with her. We met up at Hopeland Gardens to take some impromptu pictures of her sisters and parents, and then later that night we grabbed dinner and drinks in town.

I only got to see her for a few hours and she's back off to San Diego.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Overdue Instagram Post

So if you follow me on Instagram this shiz gets repettititive.

On the way to Lafayette (it's a 12 hour drive) we took a little pitstop at an interstate-side Pecan... superstore. It was pretty cool. They had a TON of Pecan treats, along with Christmas ornaments and other home decor that you might find at an interstate-side Pecan superstore.
I bought two mini Pecan pies. They were actually really super delicious and I wish I had bought 20.

The weekend after the LA pageant, I spent a lot of time hanging out with the animals and catching up on laundry.
Next we went to High Point, NC for the North Carolina pageant. While we were there I got to tour High Point University for the first time. Y'all... that place is AMAZING. I'm talking, they have a theater, steak house, Starbucks, laundry service, and tons of other things on campus and it's ALL free for the students.
Then we came home and I lost my voice completely, spent 3 hours at Doctor's Care, and got a flat tire. So I bought myself some chocolate and did nothing but drink wine and catch up on my shows.
And finally, after I recovered from Laryngitis, we went to North Charleston for the South Carolina pageant.  Kristen and Bailey, our Louisiana queens, came to visit us, we got a police escort for lunch on Saturday, I got to spend time with my Shannon, and I met the coolest "emotional support" dog in the world.

I couldn't be happier with our new queens - they're great! But I'll miss our old titleholders. Our Teen's mom is quite possibly the nicest person walking on this planet. And Shannon is a breed of her own, that's for sure.

When I finally came home after being gone for what felt like a decade, I was greeted by Cooper, the new Explosives Detection Canine who now lives at our house:

It's been a pretty busy November so far.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I'm working on getting my Christmas tree up. It's probably the first year I didn't have my house decorated before the end of October. I'm notorious for rushing the season.

This year, we're not all together, which saddens my heart but fills me with anticipation for the next time we are. I don't know when that will be, maybe not until next Thanksgiving. I miss the smell of my mom's house and that special feeling of coziness that only comes with the holidays spent surrounded by familiar traditions.

I miss so many people, but am thankful that I at least have people to miss.

So I hope you all stay safe today. Stay happy. Stay thoughtful. And say a little prayer for the loved ones in uniform who couldn't make it home to their families this year.

Also, I'm trying to re-do my blog again and in the process have completely lost my comment functionality...so that's fun. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another pageant post

After our pageant in Lafayette, we had two weeks to take a break and then headed to High Point, NC for Miss North Carolina USA.

Our beloved Kat and Sydney were giving up their titles to two new girls. Here are some of my favorite pictures from finals night:

I always love the winners' reactions.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My first time in Lafayette

Apparently Lafayette is a pretty cool place. I was there two weeks ago and saw all of two blocks of the city - the distance between our hotel and the Heymann Performing Arts Theater where the pageant was held.

I did get to try a daiquiri from one of the infamous drive-throughs. If you're stumped on want flavor to get, I approve of the Bellini kind. Yum yum. We also visited Prejean's for one of our meals. They're notorious for their great seafood, so naturally I got a chicken caesar salad and refused to try anything cultural (they had fried alligator on the menu). It's a rough life when your palate recoils at the thought of anything other than wine, cheese, melted cheese, or cheese in the form of dip.

The whole point of the trip was to crown our new Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA. As much as I hated to see Erin and Marlee give up their crowns, our new queens are absolutely wonderbar.

Here are some of my fave pics:

And here are our winners in their gowns:

Kristen and Bailey.  Next up: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama!

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