Friday, November 23, 2012

Overdue Instagram Post

So if you follow me on Instagram this shiz gets repettititive.

On the way to Lafayette (it's a 12 hour drive) we took a little pitstop at an interstate-side Pecan... superstore. It was pretty cool. They had a TON of Pecan treats, along with Christmas ornaments and other home decor that you might find at an interstate-side Pecan superstore.
I bought two mini Pecan pies. They were actually really super delicious and I wish I had bought 20.

The weekend after the LA pageant, I spent a lot of time hanging out with the animals and catching up on laundry.
Next we went to High Point, NC for the North Carolina pageant. While we were there I got to tour High Point University for the first time. Y'all... that place is AMAZING. I'm talking, they have a theater, steak house, Starbucks, laundry service, and tons of other things on campus and it's ALL free for the students.
Then we came home and I lost my voice completely, spent 3 hours at Doctor's Care, and got a flat tire. So I bought myself some chocolate and did nothing but drink wine and catch up on my shows.
And finally, after I recovered from Laryngitis, we went to North Charleston for the South Carolina pageant.  Kristen and Bailey, our Louisiana queens, came to visit us, we got a police escort for lunch on Saturday, I got to spend time with my Shannon, and I met the coolest "emotional support" dog in the world.

I couldn't be happier with our new queens - they're great! But I'll miss our old titleholders. Our Teen's mom is quite possibly the nicest person walking on this planet. And Shannon is a breed of her own, that's for sure.

When I finally came home after being gone for what felt like a decade, I was greeted by Cooper, the new Explosives Detection Canine who now lives at our house:

It's been a pretty busy November so far.


  1. so jels of the pecan pies! you look fab, as always, btw. :)

  2. always love your pageant pics!


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