Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Valentine's Day is about to happen

Right? It totally snuck up on me, too.

If any of you are planning on getting me a gift, I put together this helpful wish list.  In no particular order, I present, "Things I Want for Valentine's Day (And Every Other Day of the Year)."

1. Sweeatheart COOKIES. Way better than those stupid sweetheart candies. // 2. An impromptu trip to Patagonia. // 3. That Grumpy Cat cookie.  Although it doesn't quite echo my sentiments on the holiday, I still want it. // 4. A new iPad. // 5. A new tortie iPhone case. // 6. This watch.  Or one of the other three watches I've been eyeballing.  I have a watch & boots problem. 

1. The Scrabble Typography edition. // 2. An outline of the Mountains. Snowshoe is the one pictured but I'd love to get one of of the places I've gone in Germany, Italy, or Switzerland. // 3. Nike Fuelband. Although I'm not 100% sure how they work I want one. // 4. Willie Nelson's new book. // 5.  The Olloclip.  Just another gadget I don't need. // 6. A Google Nexus.  LOL J/K APPLE 'TIL I DIE. 

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