Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My favorite iPhone Apps round-up

1. Rise
This app is SO pretty.  It's an alarm clock built on the swipe vs. tap mentality.  There are some great alarm choices and it tells you how many hours of sleep you'll have (which is great for my fellow math-challenged comrades).

2. Mailbox -
I haven't even used this yet and it's one of my favorites.  Maybe the fact that I got put on a waiting list with 500K other people is what makes me love it so much.  You can sign up here.

3. Letterpress
If you're a word fiend and appreciate a good game of strategy AND smarts, download it.  And then play me. I'm annaricefsu in the Game Center. I'm not ashamed.

4. Fit Brain
This game is SO fun/annoying.  It's supposed to train your brain to be better/faster/stronger by giving you multiple training games - from pattern memorization to quick addition to reflexes and coordination. It's definitely a good way to waste some time at the airport.

5. Nike+ Running -
I'd always been a devout user of RunKeeper - I love everything about it.  But for some reason I've switched to Nike's running app and I think the user interface is great.  It's much more streamlined than Run Keeper and does not offer you the ability to change your activity - this is strictly a running app.

6. Vine
My latest addiction.  Quickly create and post short videos of your lift.  It's like Instagram but without the editing capabilities.  And it's a movie.  Not a photo.  But it's awesome.

7. Uncrate
This is probably one of the manliest apps I have and I'm obsessed with it.  They post the most ridiculous and amazing gadgets and other must-have items for the shopper with several K to spend on a whim.  A tug-boat that's actually a hot tub?  Give it to me.

8. Solar -
This weather app is not without it glitches, but similar to Rise, it's SO nice to look at.  The forecast does not extend beyond 3 days, which can be frustrating.  But the day to night and sun to rain visuals are just too much to miss out on.

9. Pocket
I don't use this app as regularly as I should but when I do, I'm reminded why I like it.  I get sent SO many links and sometimes forget to go back and look at them when I don't have time to browse right away.  I can send them to Pocket and have all my awesome in one location.

What are some of your favorites?

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