Monday, April 15, 2013

Visiting Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I would go back to Wyoming again and again.  I loved it there.  The remoteness. The mountains.  All of it. We went in May and the entire world was still frozen and silent.

Downtown Jackson was adorable, albeit crowded with novelty stores and tourist traps.  It reminded me of a smaller (MUCH smaller) Gatlinburg with better scenery more rich people.

**In preparation for my trip to Germany/Austria/Slovenia in April, I'm going to start a temporary travel series that revisits some of my favorite places and photos.**



  1. Did you take that picture of that wolf/dog thing? It is gorgeous!! You are so talented. Also... is it a wolf? Or a dog-thing? haha

    1. Yes, I took it. It's a wolf. =)


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