Monday, July 01, 2013

Christmas in July

6 Months until Christmas, y'all!

I know a couple of these (read: most of these) are not quite within the realm of possibility. BUT a girl can dream, right?

A yacht for cruising around the Caribbean (I mean, we go there so frequently...) I would really settle for a pontoon boat.  Or a pair of jet skis.  SETTLE.  // Couples kayaks for all of the paddling Mike and I do (or dream of doing).  I hope to acquire kayaks before next summer...mine will have a custom paint job and a place for Bella to sit while we cruise the river.  // Cat shirts.  All of the cat shirts. //

A lifetime supply of yoga pants.  Seriously.  I will never judge you for wearing yoga pants.  I would live in mine if I could. // SOME WAY TO ORGANIZE THE HELLACIOUS HOLE OF DESPAIR CALLED MY KITCHEN CABINETS - mainly the tupperware and pots/pans cabinets. // A fun DIY cooler chest for our new deck (but I want someone else to DIY it). //

And an iMac. Duh.

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