Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meowsletter: Moose's July Recap

Hello readers! It's been a great month, hasn't it?  Anna cut back on the Instagram updates, so I haven't gotten as much face time on the blog.  I'm not complaining though.  The less time she spends posting means more time she spends feeding me.

Here's what we've been up to at home this month:
1. Buffalo spent a lot of time in that basket.  I am of the opinion this obsession is unhealthy.
2. Anna spent time exploring Aiken County near Redcliffe Plantation.
3. Anna also spent a fair amount of time drinking wine.  I judged her from afar.

4. Buffalo also spent a lot of time in this box.  Again...I find it unhealthy.
5. Anna received her new Erin Condren life planner in the mail.  You would've thought it was a holiday or something.  She was literally doing cartwheels.
6. Anna drank more wine.  This time I judged her up close.

7-9. Anna posted pictures of her self.  I believe they're called "selfies."  I call them "embarrassies."
Her vanity knows no bounds.
1. Anna and Bella went running.
2. The weather forecast has looked like this for the past 60 days. 
3. Seriously.  So. Much. Rain.

4. Buffalo and I: Battle of the Bed
5. Anna received more random text messages from men in Alabama.
6. Buffalo helped Anna get some work done on her laptop.

7. Anna ate a lot of ice cream. 
8. Anna also ate a lot of cobbler.
9. Anna straightened her hair for the first time all summer and then it started raining.  Typical.

Til next time,

Moose - over and out.

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