Saturday, August 10, 2013

Visiting Michigan: Bay City & Lake Huron

After our mini adventure in Frankenmuth, we kept heading north on I-75 until we got to the town of Bay City.  I just didn't feel right driving all the way to Michigan and not seeing one of the Great Lakes.  We stopped in Bay City because I needed ice cream.  Then we got back in the car and drove for a few more minutes until we reached Lake Huron which we accessed via a remote state park at Little Killarney Beach.

Let me lay some Geography on you: Lake Huron comprises the easterly portion of Lake Michigan–Huron, having the same surface elevation as its westerly counterpart, to which it is connected by the wide Straits of Mackinac. It is bounded on the east by the Canadian province of Ontario and on the west by the state of Michigan in the United States. It is the second largest of the Great Lakes.


It was SO cool, and amazingly huge.  Aside from the muddy shore and lack of waves, being at the lake was like being at the ocean.  Just out of frame there were like 100 boats anchored in the water, just soaking up the sunshine.  We drove through a few nearby neighborhoods and it was so quiet and relaxing - I can't imagine how great the summers must be around there.  Then the frigid winter sets in - not sure I'd be up for that.

We had a rehearsal dinner to get to, so the afternoon was cut short, but it was definitely worth the drive!  I think it took us about an hour to get to the shore from Davison, the town where we stayed.


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