Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our House: Vol XVIII

Saturday and Sunday Mike and I were both off work so we got to pitch in and help.  My mom and I painted the guest room walls and trim with primer and I also tackled the ceiling. Mike, Tommy, and Kam worked on the plumbing for the bathroom.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Mike and I had to work, so my mom and Tommy worked on painting the guest room, putting in the new flooring, and also finishing up the bathroom to get it ready for tile and fixtures.

We're also adding new floor in the little entry way, so Tommy had to put down some cement to make sure the transition was level.  It was too much for the kitties to resist.

Next we've got to do some finishing touches in the guest room (like the molding along the baseboards, installing the closet racks, and building the Pet Station).  Hopefully Tommy will be able to start on tiling the bathroom, but it's a long process because the mud bed has to dry first.


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  1. This looks like so much work. I always think I can't wait to remodel a house, but then I see how much actually goes into it and how hard it actually is to do everything. Can't wait to see the end!


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